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April 8, 2011

Tevatron indicates a new particle challenging the fundamental force of nature

by Jasmina Nikoloska

The researchers at the Fermilab’s Tevatron formally announced a discovery that, according to physicists, could transform all of high energy physics.

The team noticed a pick in their data, an excess of a certain pattern that was not expected, which could be evidence of a new particle. The unknown particle could signal a new fundamental force of nature and the most radical change in the world of physics in our time.

The peak is an excess of particle collision events that produce a W boson accompanied by two hadronic jets. It was in these jets that the unexpected “bump” in the team’s data occurred, showing a particle that the current understanding the Standard Model does not include.

According to the scientists this means that there is less than a 1 in 1375 chance that the effect is mimicked by a statistical variation.

The present analysis is based on 4.3 inverse femtobarns of data. The CDF collaboration will repeat the analysis with at least twice as much data to see whether the bump gets more or less pronounced. Other experiments, including DZero and the LHC experiments, will look for a particle of about 140 GeV/c2 in their data as well. Their results will either refute or confirm our result, scientists say.

Beside the explanation of a new particle, unknown to the standard theory of the fundamental laws of physics, alternative explanation would be that we need to reconsider the theory that is used to predict the background spectrum, which is based on standard particle physics processes.

The number of on-going tests should confirm whether the particle is real or not.

You can read the paper and watch the lecture online.


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