Supergrid for transmitting renewable energy where it is needed

by Jasmina Nikoloska

From January the 19th to 21st, in London, leading industry, regulators, ministries,  associations, solution providers, investors, get together to discuss wide visions into Supergrid development.

The Supergrid is an ambitious project that could ensures renewable energy generated offshore can be fed into the grid and brought to where it is needed.

Europe is starting to build an “electric economy”. Electricity grids will no longer be seen as a national resource. They will become international corridors of trade bringing renewable energy generation from northern marine and southern solar generation to where is needed.

The primary fuel sources for this transition to renewable generation will be wind, solar and marine energy and that will drive to a low carbon future.

Although some technical difficulties are overcome there is still log way to go in implementing the Supergrid project.

Now is technically possible to transmit electricity efficiently and cheaply from distant locations at sea or in the desert to the urban areas, but the software to support the design and management of a DC (direct current) power grid simply does not exist.

The questions remains of a unifying the European energy market, that is probably necessary if we want these project to work.

Let’s not forget about policy and regulatory framework. It is clear that UK government and nine other countries bordering the North Sea stands up for the Supergrid with signing the Memorandum an agreement in early December 2010.

But we still can’t see investment on table and clear regulatory framework arranged between the countries that will produce trade or use renewable sources through Supergrid.

However, the Supergrid innovative is a positive thinking and a way to achieve energy efficiency as well reduces our dependence on fossil fuels.


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