By changing our consumption habits towards more sustainable future

by Jasmina Nikoloska

The population growth is inseparably related to human consumption habits, but we have to understand that a rapid rise in consumption is our most pressing environmental issue not the number of people.

In some societies there is a political, religious or cultural norms that has impact on the family planning.

But, I will agree with the Professor Paul Ehrlich from Stanford University in California on his view that “we would like to see a gradual decline in population, but a rapid decline in consumption habits”.

I think if we start to use our resources wisely and reasonably, we could think our way out in favour of the environment and manage to sustain successfully.

Could we control our consumption needs and is it possible each of us to achieve a sustainable life for sustainable future?

The temptations are at every corner, the life still that we present shape our place in the society.

The consumption rate in developed courtiers is several time higher than in the developing word.

But financial poorer nations aim to increase its living standard and often that is by emigrating elsewhere.

Each such relocation of a person to a country with high consumption raises world consumption rates.

Fred Pearce made a good point in his article Consumption dwarfs population as main environmental threat (Article history)Even if we could today achieve zero population growth, that would barely touch the climate problem — where we need to cut emissions by 50 to 80 percent by mid-century. Given existing income inequalities, it is inescapable that overconsumption by the rich few is the key problem, rather than overpopulation of the poor many”.

Maybe thinking and hopping that focusing on new technologies could save us from ourselves, prevent us to see the bigger picture!?


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