Drought in Amazon raised severe concerns

by Jasmina Nikoloska

It is unusual but sometimes happens for the rain forests to have no rain.

In 2005 the severe drought hit Amazon rain forest, the rivers level fell dramatically and according to the scientists these could happen ones in a century or so.
But an expectantly last year drought affected Amazon region in much larger area than in 2005, so the scientist are concern that these could become a pattern and that it is more than a coincides.
Although the cause is still unknown, it could be natural climatic variations and in the future we might see no more of these types of droughts, but the alternative is that it is associated with high concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, Dr. Simon Lewis explained for BBC News.
Rain forests like Amazon are natural absorbers of CO2 and by losing their ability and capacity to absorb; more greenhouse gases are ending in the atmosphere.
According to a research published in journal Science, in a typical year the forest absorbs 1.5 bn tonnes CO2, but in the 2005 the forest released 5 bn tonnes CO2, because of a dying trees.
The real concern comes if we just compare the last year’s figures of released 8 bn tonnes from the forest and 5.4 bn tonnes CO2  produced by US  in 2009 by burning fossil fuels.

It is our duty to protect the forests by any cost.

Written by: Jasmina Nikoloska


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